Why should I become a registered FCC Provider?

You must be State-registered in order to care for children who receive a subsidy from either the State of New Jersey or Mercer County.  In addition, State-registered family child care providers can get referrals from their local Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agency, which in Mercer County is Child Care Connection.  Registered providers can also participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Why might I receive a 1099 from the State of New Jersey or Child Care Connection?

Since the State of New Jersey and the County of Mercer both offer eligible families a child care subsidy, a 1099 form documenting payments to the provider on the parent’s behalf is mailed to providers who have received reimbursement through a subsidy program.  Child care providers are selected by the parent and, should a parent switch care, the subsidy payment would switch to the new child care provider.

Will I be employed by the State of NJ if I become a State-registered family child care provider?

No.  All providers are self-employed small business owners.  Although State-registered family child care providers must adhere to all regulations found in Chapter 54, Manual of Requirements for Family Child Care Registration, they operate as a sole proprietorship or can register with the State of New Jersey as an LLC or S-Corporation. As a small business owner, providers set their own fees, hours of operation, and schedule.  Providers interview and select their customers and staff.  Sole proprietors are required to file a Schedule C with their annual tax return and report earnings and losses.

Will my home be inspected?

Yes.  In order to receive a Certificate of Registration, the applicant’s home must be inspected and evaluated for compliance with all applicable requirements of the Manual of Requirements. Once registered, providers will be subject to unannounced monitoring inspections to ensure compliance.

Can FCC providers do 24-hour care?

A provider cannot work more than 16 hours straight. A provider can choose to have an alternate but would need to be present at least 50 percent of the time. All overnight care needs to have an approved staff person present and awake during the entire shift.

Do providers need to have staff?

All State-registered family child care providers must have a substitute. Providers can choose to have an assistant and, based on the age of the children in care, may be required to have one.

How many children can I care for at a time?

No more than five enrolled children at a time are permitted.  There can be three additional children that belong to the provider and/or staff, but the parents must be present when they are in care.

Does it cost anything to apply?

There is a $25 registration fee due prior to the home inspection, which will be completed after all necessary training and paperwork are complete.