Business Resources


The Child Care Connection offers consultation to employers in the development of systems related to child care services. Whether the option of choice is a revision of personnel policies, on-site or off-site child care, support of family day care networks, development of a back-up care system, or voucher initiatives, our professional staff work with you to improve the work life/family situations of your employees.

Dependent Care Needs Assessments

Needs assessments and feasibility studies are available to employers to determine the full scope of employee dependent care needs and interests.

Customized Resource and Referral Service

Through the resource and referral services, the Child Care Connection provides individualized counseling on dependent care needs. Our dedicated staff can help parents make informed choices to best meet their individual needs for center-based care, family day care, in-home care, school age care, back-up and special needs programs. 

Workplace Seminars

A popular service provided by the Child Care Connection is a series of seminars delivered at the worksite. Often held during lunch hours, this type of forum affords employees the benefit of training on work/family issues and a structured setting in which to exchange ideas and solutions with peers. The series of topics fall into three main categories: Parent Education, Managing Wellness, and Work/Family Balance. For more information, call Alli Storm, director of Training, at 609-989-7940.