• How do I register for the training that staff who work at programs receiving CCDBG funds are required to take?

    To access these trainings:

    1. Create an account in the New Jersey Child Care Information System (NJCCIS)
    2. Log-in
    3. Go to the “Registry” tab at the top of your screen
    4. Click on the training and select your preferred language

    Health and Safety Basics – Online Training

      • Takes you to the NJCCIS registration page. To view and register for individual events, click “Select.”
      • After registering you will receive a link to the training.
      • You can start on or after the “Begin Date,” but must complete the training within two weeks/before the “End Date.”
      • You may start and stop until you complete the training.

    Mandated Reporter/Child Abuse and Neglect Training

      • Takes you to the actual training.

    This training must be completed in one sitting (approximately 90-120 min.)

  • How do I earn a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential?

    It is highly recommended that you spend some time looking through the Council for Professional Recognition’s website:  www.cdacouncil.org. You will find information about eligibility, the process of preparing and applying for the CDA Credential, the settings (infant/toddler, preschool, or family child care), the professional education in early childhood requirement, and assessment expectations. The Council for Professional Recognition is the national agency that manages and awards the CDA Credential.

    When there is enough local interest, we offer the full 120 hours of CDA training, including assessment preparation.  Even when we are not offering classes, we can provide technical assistance support to those who are completing their final preparations prior to application.

    Below is an incomplete list of links to Council for Professional Recognition-accepted online CDA coursework options:

    Smart Horizons www.smarthorizons.org/naccrra/cccj/index2.html

    Pro Solutions: www.prosolutionstraining.com/

    Better Kid Care: bit.ly/bkc-access

    You may be eligible for the Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development scholarship initiative.  The application is completed on NJCCIS: www.njccis.com.  Please contact them directly if you have questions regarding that application:

    Customer Service Phone – 1-800-332-6512

    Customer Service Email –

    Have further questions regarding CDA? Contact Cindy Jackson, child Care Connection’s director of training, at 609-989-7770 x139, or via .

  • What training do you have available?

    Use the Calendar of Events on our website to view currently available training or go directly to your NJCCIS account and search.

    1. Log-in
    2. Go to the “Registry” tab at the top of your screen
    3. Click “Find Professional Development & Training Classes
    4. Choose “Child Care Connection” under the “Training Agency” field
    5. Click “Search” and scroll down
    6. To view and register for individual events, click “Select”
  • Do you have trainers who will come to our site?

    Yes, you can make a request to schedule an in-service training at your site by choosing a training topic from the Menu of Workshop Topics and completing the Workshop Request Questionnaire.  Once received, the director of training will review the request, confirm trainer availability, and contact you to discuss details and fee before sending a confirmation letter and invoice.

  • How do I enroll my program into GNJK?

    Submit a Grow NJ Kids (GNJK) Enrollment Request.  Have further questions? Contact our Quality Improvement Specialist (QIS) Alli Storm at 609-989-7770, x125 (), or go to the Child Care Connection GNJK Quality Improvement Specialist virtual office to learn more.