All family, friend and neighbor (FFN) family child care providers that receive State child care subsidy funds on behalf of families they are serving must participate in an orientation session conducted by Child Care Connection and fulfill all ten hours of CCDBG-mandated training, including health and safety, child development, and child abuse mandated reporting, as well as be certified in CPR & First Aid (only CPR/First Aid classes that provide demonstration-based certifications are accepted). Child Care Connection will review prospective provider requirements, child care program eligibility policies, e-Child Care requirements and payment policies, and provider discontinuation policies due to program violation and/or fraud.

Orientation is a mandatory process for prospective providers who plan on becoming Family, Friend, & Neighbor (FFN)/Approved Home providers. It will be necessary to sign up for the required health & safety, child development, and child abuse & neglect training classes through NJ Workforce Registry to complete the registration process. Please call 609/989-7938 for more information.