“Everyone at the CCC office is professional, kind, and goes out of their way to assist their clients.  I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to receive these services.  Thanks for everything you do!”

“I would like to personally thank your organization for assisting me over the many years that my family has been enrolled in your program.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to have participated in such a program.”

“I am exceptionally grateful and appreciative of the work you do and the services you provide.”

“Everyone was very helpful and gave me all the info I needed and worked very fast and effectively, and I really appreciate all of the help and great attitudes that everybody had!!”

“The staff are always smiling and greet me in a very professional way.  They explain to me in a way that I understand and they care.”

“You guys are awesome.  Thank you for all your help.  It really makes a difference in our lives.”

“The staff and receptionist are great and always friendly and helpful at all times.  I must say that every worker I have seen has always gone far and beyond to help me.”

“Child Care Connection staff was nice and sent information package out within three days of my visit.”

“I wish more institutions worked like Child Care Connection, with a friendly and helpful staff.”

“It’s always easy to get information and answers when I have questions.  They are a very nice staff.”

“Very grateful for all the kind acts of helping out with my child care funds, questions, and placement.”

“Excellent program and staff!! Thanks for all the information!!!”

“The employees  at Child Care Connection are very helpful and courteous.  They are always quick to assist and they respond in a timely manner.  I would like to say, “Keep up the good work!”

“Thanks for everything.  You have made a mother of two less stressed and have taken a worry away from her.  Your help in placing my children in child care is a burden lifted, and I am very and truly grateful for your help and consideration in every step along the way.  Blessings to everyone involved!”

“You guys are very professional.  Heaven sent!”

“Risca has been a great help to me since I’ve started the subsidy program.  She is very knowledgeable and always answers my questions and concerns in detail.  She is always pleasant and responds to me timely.”

“Great program in terms of quality of care providers, ease in understanding the handbook, and completing the application forms.  Staff professional demeanor is awesome in showing respect and dignity when addressing my concerns either face-to-face or via the phone.”

“Cindy is an excellent instructor!  I always learn something new and become excited to share the experience back at school!”

“I am grateful for the training you provide.  It’s wonderful having an opportunity to explore the materials and the reminders of how much learning takes place through intentional and open-ended play!”

“Everyone is wonderful!  Excellent workers!”

“Every time I stop by the office, from the receptionist to the people in the back office, all are always great.  I obtain help right away.  Thank you for the good service. : ) ”

“Thanks for helping me with the summer camp.”

“The staff at CCC always listen to my concerns with rapt attention and patiently explain the services to me, including alternatives. They are respectful and professional in providing timely services to me. Also, they are willing to go far above and beyond their call of duty.”