Update Your Information

Providers can now update program information such as fees and schedules electronically by clicking on the appropriate link below. This will provide a technology option for providers with access to the Internet and minimize paperwork. Simply select the appropriate form, complete, and submit — it’s that easy!

Thank you for updating online!

“Camp” form for summer program administrators.

“Provider” update form for those providing center-based or family child care.

Reporting Information Changes – Please Read!

Please remember to notify the CCR&R in your county, as well as any other CCR&R from which you receive payment, of changes to information involving your program. This includes changes to your physical location, mailing address, payment address, ownership, federal identification number, license number, accreditation status, and legal name changes. All of this information is of extreme importance to us when reimbursing programs for care provided to subsidy-eligible families and when referring your program to families seeking child care. Failure to notify all necessary parties could result in payment delays or in you actually having to repay funds to which you were not legally entitled. Under State regulations for reimbursing programs, the State of New Jersey cannot pay a center for caring for children anywhere but at the site listed on the WorkFirst NJ confirmation or, in the case of NJCK, the Parent/Applicant/Provider Agreement (PAPA). This means that if you have renovations being done at one site and move children, even temporarily, to another site without the required notification and documentation, you would be denied payment for those children for that time period. Payment could also be denied if you physically relocate your pgoram without notifying all reimbursing agencies, if you obtain a new federal identification or license number, or if your NAEYC accreditation status expires and you are still receiving the accredited rate.

To avoid a delay or refusal of payment, always err on the side of caution and notify the proper agencies of any changes in information, no matter how minor it might seem to you. At Child Care Connection, staff are required to copy all relevant departments on any changes they are made aware of concerning a provider. In addition to calling, we also require you to put changes in writing and send them certified mail along with a copy of your new license, if applicable. Do not get yourself or your center in a financial bind — remember to notify all agencies from which you receive child care reimbursement of any changes. For more information, call Colleen Gallagher, executive assistant, at 609-989-7770, ext. 137 ().