Resources for Special Needs

Child Care Connection provides referrals for children with special needs and offers training to the provider community on the inclusion of children with special needs. In New Jersey, the advocacy organization for the parents of children with special needs is the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN). For more information, visit the SPAN Parent Advocacy Network. In addition, here are some other organizations that could offer support or guidance to families of children with special needs: Mercer County Family Support Organization, and the Encouraging Kids Family Resource Center.

Click on the links to the Forms for information on choosing a program for a child with special needs.

Parents needing assistance finding child care can contact our community line at 609-989-8101, or self-search by clicking this link: Search for Providers in Mercer County. If you would like further information regarding any providers found on-line, please call our community line at the number listed above. For families looking for care who are not Mercer County residents, click here for the list of NJ Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies by County. For visitors who are not New Jersey residents, visit to find the CCR&R serving your area.

We do not license, endorse, or recommend any particular provider and cannot assure that any provider offers quality child care. You should visit several providers to determine which is best for your family and decide for yourself if any fulfill your needs.

We maintain strict confidentiality policies regarding any personally identifiable or family information you provide.